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KAD Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is a self-service machine that lets you make deposits and payment transactions by cash. It facilitates credit of cash on real time basis to customer's accounts on a 24x7 , even beyond the business hours of the bank and issue an advice slip confirming the transaction.

KAD Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) developed to accept all Sri Lankan rupee notes with counterfeit detection technology and it can accept currency note bundle of 50 notes in a few seconds. Including notes of the new & old versions.

KAD Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) comply with UL291 Standard and all international standards and practices of global Cash Deposit Machine industry.

Customers can deposit a currency bundle up to 50 notes to CDM machine at a time. It is not required to sort the currency notes as machine itself do all the works. CDM machine identify the denominations, identify the counterfeit notes, count the values of different denominations, and credit to the account immediately, on-line real-time. if currency is genuine; and issue a receipt for the deposited amount.