Fixed Deposits (FD)

The “Fixed Deposit” system simplifies the processes, having all the necessary features relating to Fixed Deposits as a single interface. It is important to note that all possible areas including Interest Provisioning, FD Renewals have been fully automated and set up as part of the day end / day start operations.

Main Features of Fixed Deposit

  • User Definable Products
  • User definable deposit┬áperiods
  • Ability to collect multiple payment for single FD
  • Automated WHT, monthly/maturity interest┬ápayments
  • Integrated with Savings System, Multiple types of┬ápayments
  • Parameterized Premature Withdrawal Rates
  • Ability to proceed Value dated transactions
  • Auto/manual renewal function with or without interest
  • Cheque printing
  • Dual authenticated transactions