Lending Portfolio Management

The “Lending Portfolio Management” Module is a versatile system which can accommodate diversified loan types and has the ability to further customize and develop inbuilt schemes to suit the client’s requirements.

Types of Loans

  • Personal Guarantee Loans
  • Cash Margin Loans
  • Property Mortgage Loans
  • Daily Schedule Loans etc. Using loan installment calculation methods such as;
    1. Equated Monthly Installments
    2. Fixed Monthly Installments
    3. One -Time Loans
    4. Non-Schedule Loans
    5. Equated Daily Installments
    6. Addition to the above products, System admin can create their own loan types within the given parameters

Main Features of Loan System

  • Different Loan Installment calculation methods
  • User Definable loan products and Trial Calculations
  • Automated process for Quotation generation to facility disbursement
  • Different type of loan disbursements
  • Multi functional Receipt module
  • Consolidated Inquiries and Follow up Procedures
  • Comprehensive post loan Operations
  • Complete set of Operational, management and MIS reports
  • Integrated CRIB
  • Fully complied with CBSL guide lines
  • Online web Access interface to customers
  • Centralized Reminder Generation
  • Online Integrated General Ledger module
  • Integrated with FD and saving operations (Optional)