Gold Business Loans

The Pawning Module introduce by SITS is a user friendly system designed to interface the complete operational process pertaining to Pawning. Being a full automated system, developed to operate any platform, web based or windows, it operates at real time basis, linking all the services points of the country online and accessible to all authorized users.

From the initial points of the pawning process, the entire operation is set in a user friendly environment, requiring minimum manual intervention, thus reducing the workload optimizing the effectiveness of the end-result. This has been made possible due to the systems structural design and the admin modules which have been developed to interface parameterization in all possible areas which ease the manual operations and respective processes from the end to end user.

Main System Features

  • User Definable Products
  • User Definable interest accumulation methods
  • Dual/Multi control pawning disbursement
  • Cluster branching
  • User, customer, branch, cluster level controls
  • Inter branch receipting
  • Full/part payments
  • Auto renewal/redemption
  • Integrated Auction module
  • Automated Reminder generation
  • Teller functionality
  • Integrated General Ledger

Muslim banking Complained – Gold Facility

  • Support process for Hifala
  • Support process for Musa’adah
  • Trial calculator for Gold Facility