Sampath IT Solutions celebrates 10th Anniversary


We celebrate 10th Anniversary

A decade of growth and innovation

Sampath IT Solutions Limited (SITS), a member company of Sampath Bank PLC celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. SITS provides fully integrated Information Technology based solutions including hardware, software and infrastructure management. The completion of a decade of excellence in offering integrated IT solutions to organizations in Sri Lanka has positioned SITS as a pioneer in providing IT solutions by moving beyond the boundaries of the IT industry and keeping in sync with the ever evolving technology.

“We are extremely honoured to have reached this significant milestone of 10 years”, remarked, Lakshman Hettiarachchi, Chairman of SITS. Our success over the past decade is attributed to two things; first and foremost, the trust and commitment placed in our company by our loyal clients; second, the SITS team, who are constantly driven towards seeking innovative ways to optimize processes in every area of the business, to serve our clients better and enable the company reach, new pinnacles of success”

Founded in the year 2006, SITS is an independent software development company that provides, tailor-made IT solutions to the Commercial Enterprises, including Banking & Finance sector. With a prestigious network of partners including ORACLE, CISCO, and IBM, and a growing clientele of commercial giants such as, Asian Alliance Assurance, Hayleys Group, CBL, Unilever, MAS Holdings, Dialog etc., SITS offers its services across key areas of specialization including Software Development, Document Management Services, Hardware Infrastructure Management, Software Consultancy Services, EFT POS Terminal & Software and more.

Further commenting on this achievement, S. Muralidharen, General Manager of SITS added to say “With the experience of a decade of service excellence and specialization in key areas, SITS also aims to enter the international IT arena, taking the company, the country and the IT industry of Sri Lanka to greater heights”.

SITS’s decade-long commitment to investing in secure and innovative IT Solutions, delivering high end support and maintenance coupled with essential front and back end support to clients with back-to-back 24/7 or 8/5 choices are key drivers of the company’s success.

Over the 10 year journey, SITS has deployed “Fin-Bank”, a popular product that helps automate and improve the efficiency of various financial service offerings within organizations such as Leasing, Pawning, General Ledger, etc. SITS has recently become proud holders of ISO 9001-2008 certified by ISO in recognition of the quality service and support provided.

The commitment and advancements Sampath IT Solutions Limited made over the years has allowed the company to compete in the current era of dynamic Information Technology, at its leading edge of emerging trends and deliver, advanced solutions to the IT Industry and leading business entities of Sri Lanka. This 10 year milestone along with several other achievements confirm the commitment of Sampath IT Solutions to be a growing force in the Sri Lankan IT Industry, and the company’s steadfast efforts to provide premium solutions that result in amplified benefits and sustainable long term value for all stakeholders in all sectors.

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  1. Shyama says:

    Congratulations !!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice Job

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wish you all the best for future endeavours…

  4. Y.Karthika says:

    Great work is done by people who are not afraid to take on leadership. According to this maxim our company has acted for many years. Happy anniversary!.

  5. Sachini Pathinayaka says:

    All The Best For The Anniversary !!!!!!

  6. Tharaka says:

    Congratulations to you for completing 10 years of success in business. You have achieved tremendous growth and have built eminent goodwill in the community. You have always tried to provide the best product and its’ services to customers. Your services are always marvelous and appreciable.

  7. Mahendra says:

    Congratulations for your wonderful journey of 10 years of success and I hope the same for the future also. I hope your firm reaches to new heights in the coming days.

  8. Ganggha KN says:

    The moment has arrived to rejoice! Kudos guys!

  9. Jayamini Hansamali says:

    My congratulations for your 10th anniversary.

  10. KKS says:

    Excellent achievement….all credits should go to.. SITS BoD and young energetic SITS team.

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    Congratulations !!!

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    It’s the 10 year Anniversary. I would like to congratulate warmly for your dynamic & successful journey…….!!!!!!

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