Savings Management

The “Savings Management” Module will cover the complete Savings operation, including the front end and Back end processes and financial operations. Savings system has been developed to ISO 8583 standards, and has the compatibility of connecting to any ATM network, or other web-based financial solution.

Main Features of Savings

  • User Definable Savings Products
  • User definable interest accumulation methods for savings products
  • User definable interest rates
  • Fully automated
  • Standing Orders functionality
  • Utility bill payments
  • Passbook and statement printing
  • Inter-branch transactions
  • Integrated General ledger
  • Cheques and PDC management
  • Integrated with FD operations (Optional)
  • Online web Access interface
  • Dual Authorized transaction posting
  • Operational and MIS report module
  • Centralized EOD and BOD function